ENOK 6.2 LAPV Polizei

ENOK LAPV 6.2 law enforcement

  • The “ENOK LAPV 6.1” is a light, armored patrol vehicle (LAPV: Light Armored Patrol Vehicle) mounted on the military chassis of the G-Class.
  • The suspension uses height-adjustable suspension struts (used by rallye trucks).
  • The axles are equipped with portal gear lifts to increase the ground clearance to 45 centimeters.
  • Using beadlock rims with external bolting prevents the tires from being turned off the rim at extremely low air pressure.

Technical specification

Engine power 135 kW (at 3,800 rpm)
Top speed 120 km/h
Max. Climbing ability 60%
Wheelbase 2.850 mm
LxWxH: 4,968 x 2120 x 2,312 (wide without mirror)
Turning circle 14 m
Armouring-Level bis zu STANAG 2
Seating capacity 4 people (optional up to 6 people temporarily)
payload up to 1,000 kg


Contact person

ACS Armoured Car Systems GmbH
Winterbruckenweg 60
D- 86316 Derching

Tanja Paeske
Geschäftsleitung / CFO

Tel.:     +49-(0)821-650717-20
Mobil:  +49-(0)160-90159810
e-Mail:  Tanja.Paeske@acs-armcar.com