• The “ENOK LAPV 5.4” is a lightweight armored patrol vehicle (LAPV: Light Armored Patrol Vehicle) used in the army.
  • Integrated ballistic protection level 2 (fist guns and machine guns) optional with mine protection level 1
  • It offered two versions: a four-door model with rear assembly and a five-door model with fully protected cabin.

Technical Data ENOK 5.4

engine power 135 kW (bei 3.800 U/min)
Maximum speed 120 km/h
Climbing ability 60%
Wheelbase 2.850 mm
LxBxH: 4,709 x 2064 x 2060 (breit ohne Spiegel)
Turning circle 14 m
Amouring-Level bis zu STANAG 2
Seating capacity 4 people
Payload up to 1,000 kg

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