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Juli 2021

Sales partnership between ACS and Electric Motion

E-mobility in the military is controversially discussed at the moment. It remains to be seen whether both worlds can be combined. The silent move or high-torque drives definitely have a lot of appeal for the military. With two-wheeled vehicles, the symbiosis of e-mobility and the military is already working very well.

ACS has taken over the exclusive distribution of the French trial bike from Electric Motion from France. The e-bike is manufactured in France and adapted in Derching. The bike was tested intensively with various users, it was consistently convincing and it couldn’t be broken :)

Quiet driving combined with extreme acceleration brings tactical advantages to the military and police. A permission with more payload was obtained for the Bundeswehr. The e-bike bears the name “EMU” at ACS and can be driven with a 125 cc driver’s license.

The battery is sufficient for a range of 40 km and can be easily changed. The bike is COTS/MOTS and therefore an inexpensive vehicle. If you are interested in a test ride, please contact the Sales Engineering Team ( Don’t forget your helmet :)

The E-Bike “EMU”