The company ACS Armored Car Systems GmbH is a system house of the German defense industry. We see ourselves as a specialist for protected vehicles in sensitive vehicle weight ranges.

Our goal: Maximum protection with the lowest possible vehicle weight.

Our strength is the complete integration of (protected) special constructions on proven vehicle platforms of well-known manufacturers. These offer the advantage that they are excellently supplied logistically worldwide with spare parts and repair work, e.g. On the landing gear, can be carried out directly by local companies in almost every country in the world.

Our portfolio covers the entire development, design and production of vehicle concepts and ballistic protection solutions. The addition of special equipment, special equipment as well as interior and fastening concepts for vehicles also belong to our expanded range of services. This also includes protection kits and retrofit solutions for existing vehicles.

As a specialist manufacturer, ACS Armored Car Systems GmbH can realize any special solution even in small numbers with the highest quality.

We are, therefore, a powerful partner for both armed forces and authorities with safety tasks and small vehicle fleets.

With the Light Armored Patrol Vehicle ENOK, which is used by the German Armed Forces with about 250 units, we have been able to successfully demonstrate our protective capabilities. The ENOK has repeatedly demonstrated its efficiency in various foreign missions.

The solutions of the company ACS Armored Car Systems are thus combat proven!


ACS Armored Car Systems – the flexible manufacturing for protected vehicles.

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